Pál Galgóczy, the youngest of the co-beneficiary brothers also got to Bereg county along with the Rákóczis. Following his marriage of Bora Ilosvay, the daughter of Gábor Ilosvay and Anna Bilkei, he became an inhabitant of Bilke.

In 1688 he was elected the vice-sheriff of Bereg county, and in 1689 he was elected a juror. At the beginning of the revolution, along with his two brothers-in-law, Bálint and Imre Ilosvay, he promptly joined the insurgents. He began his service in the castle of Huszt, under chief captain György Dolhay (according to the archives of Ferenc Rákóczi II; Mil. and Int. – Had- és Belügy – I. k. p. 348). He is still mentioned as a living person in a document of 1711.

His son István was also a juror of Bereg county in 1719 and 1722. In 1731 he was interrogated by the military and civil authorities under the charge of a conspiracy on behalf of József, the son of Ferenc Rákóczi II.

The grandson of István (born of his son Imre), named Imre, was a student of the Debrecen College. Following the royal decree of 30 May 1774 he proved his nobility in 1777 before Bereg county along with his uncle Gábor (certificate of this is dated on 17 January 1780). He got back to Porcsalma at around 1788, being a man of enterprise and position at the time. He took many estates out of pawn, pledged by his ancestors both on the part of the Begányis and the Károlyis. However, he also re-encumbered and mortgaged many others.

József, the son of Imre worked as a practicing lawyer in 1820; he later became known as the unbending judge of the Court of Szatmár County.

Stephen (István), the son of Imre conducted legal studied; but while his elder brother József became an aid to his father in disputes at law, he grew to be his father’s right hand in the estate. Later he became a judge of the Court of Szatmár County, as well as the county’s treasurer much appraised for his strict orderliness and accurate accounts.

Sándor, the son of István began his education in Porcsalma in 1830. Later he conducted his studies in law in the Colleges of Sárospatak and Eperjes. Already in 1845 he became a honorary vice-notary and he is the vice-sheriff of the county from 1846. In November 1848 he took part in the first campaign of Transylvania as the captain of the national guard company of Porcsalma, under the leadership of colonel Miklós Katona. He returned home following the battle of Dézs, and he remained in his office as vice-sheriff until 1851. He was the last sub-prefect of Szatmár county; after the national abolishment of this position he became a Member of Parliament for the Krassó, and twice for the Csenger constituencies of Szatmár county.

Great-grandson of István (descended of his son Gábor), named Pál, finished his studies in 1837 and began his career as a juror in Bereg county. From 1841 he became the county’s vice-notary and judge. From 1845 he is the county’s treasurer; in 1848 he was elected a judge of the court of justice; he organised an army of volunteers in the district of Kászony. Later he was the president of the savings bank of Munkács for a long time.
He took the estates mortgaged by his ancestors one by one out of pawn. In 1881 he already had estates in Nagy-Bégány and Kis-Bégány, Farnos and Mező-Kászony; his new acquisition was the estate of Balazsér. He lived in Nagy-Begány; in 1886 he already was recorded as eighth on the list of virilist* commitee members of Bereg county! He remained unmarried until his death in 1890.

His son Gábor was a county juror in 1722 in Bilke.

Beyond the above the following family members lived in Szatmár and Szabolcs counties. Their fitting into the family tree is not yet completed:

   János Galgóczy (according to Urbarium etc. Tomus XV. Fasc. 98, l. 66., nro 3. of the
       National Archive, János Galgóczy of Csenger substantiated his rights upon the 
       heirless death of baron Pál Melith in 1720).

   Dániel Galgóczy (lived in Jánosi in 1894).

   Károly Galgóczy (lived in Szoboszló in the 1890s; his descendants lived in the vicinity
       of Debrecen).


Information regarding persons and their descendants are available through the page “For family members” using the “Look for your family members” and “Full family tree” pages.

I appreciate any information from the readers regarding the Galgóczys of Bilke, as well as contact with people living in the localities mentioned above, having Galgóczy / Galgóczi / Galgótzy as their family name.


*Virilist: one of the major tax payers in an administrational district of historical Hungary, who automatically became members of the local administration as a result of their wealth.

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