A honlap szerkesztés alatt és folyamatosan módosul.
This site is, and always will be under reconstruction.


We began the linear research of our family together with my son Adam nearly three years ago. After collecting the very much incomplete and many times contradictory family sources we went on with Internet “search”, then library and archive research.

This yielded a lot of new information – many times correcting data in the 19th century sources. On the basis of abundant contemporary sources we modified the goal set out in the beginning of the year. We began the research of all lines and branches of the family on the male line. This never looked simple, nor promised well, as the family has seven lines, and we set out at once with three known ­lines - those of Munkács, Ecseg, Nagytálya and Bilke -, the starting point of which was the work of Károly Galgóczi, THE GALGOCZY FAMILY OF SAJO-GALGOCZ published in 1896 (Budapest, Patria).

Besides Dr Samu Borovszky’s work, Counties and towns of Hungary, the books of Bela Kempelen, Miklos Kazmer, Pal Gulyas, Ivan Nagy and Jozsef Szinnyei were of great help in complementing and systematizing the data at our disposition. Moreover, we used several databases prepared by Arcanum Ltd., the large part of which is already available online.

Things gathered speed by hiring some “professional” family tree researchers since January 2005; processing of data is still under way. After starting the homepage in April, on grounds of new and new information acquired from visitors, the number of persons identified as belonging to the family tree is rising continuously. However, let me ask patience from those whose ancestors have not successfully been inserted into the family tree yet.

   I owe thanks to Mrs Karoly Galgoczi (the wife of the brother of the writer Erzsebet Galgoczi), for his manuscript entitled "The hapless of Hlohovec, or the history of the Galgoczi family of Menfocsanak” An extract of this can be read here, and can be found here by searching for the persons belonging to the Menfocsanak line.

I owe special thanks to the managing director of Response Ltd., Andras Velvárt, and most of all to the Webezz site-building system developed by them that made me possible to prepare this site with only average - user level - computer knowledge. Following the advice of András I tried to make the first web page of my life, as far as possible, aesthetic.

Currently the site registers 20-25 visitors a day. On the average 23 percent are returning visitors. The number of pages downloaded since the outset has exceeded 18,000. Let me seize the occasion here to thank for the kind notes of the visitors in the Guest Book, as well as the useful feedback and valuable information sent through the Connection page. Upon this groundwork we have terminated the test phase, and the site has moved to its definitive location.


Dear reader!

I set forth the goal of the website - knowing the value and irreplaceability of my predecessors - as follows:

    On the one hand I would like to make public the history of the family assembled by
        Karoly Galgoczy until 1896,

    On the other hand I would like to complement this with the ancestors of Istvan born in
        1609, as well as adding the data of the last 110 years.

On the basis of the data at my disposition I continue to expand the website, and revise it in case of need. The success of the initiative depends on the visitors - visitors like you:

    By giving your constructive opinion on the Guest Book page,

    By contacting me if your name is also Galgoci, Galgocsi, Galgoczi, Galgoczy, or
        - using the obsolete spelling - Galgotzy,

    By sending me the copies of photos, journal articles, books and documents and
        photos of objects related to the family to help me enrich our archives.


                    Antal Galgoczi

Modified: November 2005, Budapest


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