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A honlap szerkesztés alatt és folyamatosan módosul.
This site is, and always will be under reconstruction.

    The person in question, depending on whether he/she has been registered only with
        Christian name or also with surname, can be found at different places in the list, 
    To select a given person click on his/her name in the left hand window, 
    If the father and grandfather of the chosen person can also be seen in the right hand
        window, then his/her linear ascendants can also be tracked,
    You can step upwards in the family tree by clicking on the father, the grandfather or the
    Clicking on the link under "Siblings” (the blue name) you can step sidelong in the
        family tree,
    Choosing the link under "Children” you can step downwards in the family tree,
    Text information always refers to the person chosen last, 
    If the above do not, or only partially apply to a given person, then his place is not
        known in the family tree yet,
    Please contact me if you know different or more data.

The page – with references to the sources used – has been expanded by 351 names. At present it already contains information about 687 persons. Further curiosities and new data can be found about several formerly included persons as well. Information correspond to the October 2005 state of the database.

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