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For family members

Research into family history can be expected to come to an end only in the distant future; several open questions, all of which lead far away, need further scrutiny.

The most exciting of these is whether we can find a well-founded connection to the Galgoczy line belonging to the Aba clan (Dr Janos Karacsonyi: Hungarian Nationalities until the End of the 14th Century, published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

Janos Karacsony mentions a single document in his above work (Collection of Anjou era documents V. 340) to corroborate that the Galgoczy line descended from the Aba clan. Master Tamas received the lands of the castle-serfs of Nyitra killed by the Tatars from Bela IV in 1247.
Aba the Great (Nagy Aba) received the castle of Galgocz (the former Szolga-Gyor) as a royal donation.

As they espoused the cause of Mate Csak, both Aba the Great and his son Miklos I committed treason. The most prestigious member of the line was Aba the Great (also known as the Beautiful), who fell as the leader of Csak Mate’s hosts in the battle of Rozgony in 1312.
After the death of Mate Csak both the son and grandson of Aba the Great became down-and-outs; in 1343 all their complaints were annulled in advance, so they were constrained to suffer calmly as Miklos Kont took possession of the estate of Galgocz in 1349 (comprising Galgocz, Nyitra-Ujlak, Udvarnok and Decs).


We can get closer in time to corroborating the connection to the above Galgoczy line if we can identify Paulus de Galgoczy as a member of family – he, according to the document found in the Szilágyi estate, dated on 16 June 1476 (Regest: King Mathias to the Convent of Kolosmonostor., Old reference Q 320 / DOBOKA F 17) acted as the representative of king Mathias (details can be found on the page Whose place is still missing).


Dear Reader!

The web page stemmed from my and my son’s intention to delight my father, Antal Galgoczy (8 January 1934) on his birthday with the history of our family. In this we succeeded beyond our hopes.

Since then this activity became my favourite pastime. At present we have data of more than 700 persons since the 1500s. Two thirds of them have satisfactorily found their places in the family tree.

At the end of the data collecting period we can supposedly expect over 1000 ancestors, let alone those still alive...

Please, if your family name happens to be Galgoczy, Galgoczi or Galgotzy, help finish our work by, depending on the fullness of available data, contacting me by filling in the simplified data form or the genealogical data form.

Best regards,

                        Antal Galgoczi

Modified: November 2005


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