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György Galgóczy was the oldest brother among the descendants of István and among the co-beneficiaries of the award granting armorial bearings given to him.
In 1627 he was a student of the Calvinist College of Debrecen. He got to Munkács along with the Rákóczis.

His offspring (his known sons): Mihály and István.

Mihály, the gardener of Zsófia, wife of prince György Rákóczi II, died as the mayor of the town in 1695.
He was awarded with a mansion in Munkács for his faithful service; his offspring inherited this.

István, mentioned only as the „lame Galgóczy” in contemporary sources. György, the son of István was known for his religious fervour. During the religious persecution that followed suppression of the revolution of Ferenc Rákóczi II the Calvinists were deprived of their church in Munkács. For 18 years religious services were held in István’s barn.

His grandson Mihály (whose father was István) was one of the lieutenants of Ferenc Rákóczi II. In 1703 and 1704 he fought in the troops of Ferenc Rákóczi II; they captured the castle of Mohács that was obstinately defended by the German garrison under the command of count Auersperg. Afterwards Mihály followed Rákóczi – together with his fellow lieutenant István Móricz – to the campaign in Upper Hungary as well (Tivadar Lehoczky, The Monography of Bereg County, vol I. 213, vol. III. 440-446).

In a map of Munkács made in 1746 the mansion inherited from his grandfather is featured under the name of his widow, Mrs Mihály Galgóczy.
The family sold a part of the mansion to the Calvinist Church in 1788, and the other part in 1805. According to the information from János Literáty (who was a Calvinist minister in Munkács in the 1890s) the manse and the school were partially built upon the plot of the mansion, and partially upon the place of the former bootmakers’ shed.

The family was wide-spread and held an illustrious position in the beginning and middle of the 18th century. In the 1890s Károly Galgóczy had most of the data regarding the Galgóczys gathered from the local birth, death and marriage registries. On the basis of this it can be stated that by the end of the 19th century the Munkács line of the family became almost extinct.

Unfortunately no data have been found so far during research of other lines of the family that would have rendered it possible to identify any living person as belonging to the Munkács line.

I appreciate any information from the readers regarding the Galgóczys of Munkács, as well as contact with people still living in Munkács and having Galgóczy / Galgóczi / Galgótzy as their family name.

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