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Documents regarding the names Galgóczy és Galgóczi from the archives of the Institute and Museum of Military History:

   Konrád Galgóczy (Order of rank in 1938.)

   Tibor Galgóczy Tibor (Order of rank in 1940.)

   Sándor Galgóczy (Order of rank in 1941.)

   Gábor Galgóczy (Order of rank in 1944.)

   Pál Galgóczy Pál (Order of rank in 1944.)

   Galgóczy Zoltán (1944. évi rangsorolás)


Documents from Second World War records of the Central Archives and the Office for the Tombs of the Fallen at War:

   József Galgóczi

   Kálmán Galgóczi

   Sándor Galgóczi 

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