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Family tree research / Archive copies

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At present the following documents and their copies – coming from official archives and records of family members – are in my possession. Please, let me know if you own further documents, or if you know anything of their availability.

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István (born 1609)

   Proclamation from 1652 (Sz-Sz-B M Lt IV. A. 1. Prot. 11. Fol. 204.)

   The document is under process



János (born: 1664)

   A testament from 1713 (Documents of the nobility of Szatmár county)

   "Identification" from 1713 (Sz-Sz-B M Lt IV. A. 501/e)



Benedictus (under process)

   Document  from 1748 (Sz-Sz-B M Lt IV. A. 1. Prot. 21. Fol. 100.)



nepomuki János (1769-1843)

   Information regarding estates

   Letters from count Pál Ráday


Antal (1813-1877)

   Copy of certificate of Baptism

   Letter of recommendation of Ferenc Szent Ivány's heirs (1850)

   Letter of exeption from József  Szilassy (1855)


Károly, mezőgazdász, gazdasági író, az MTA tagja (1823-1916)  

   The documentation of Gerzson Ádám Regarding the Calvinist Grammar School of
       Nagykőrös 1896  (Ráday Archives Budapest)  

   Private letters

   Library of  the Hungarian Academy of