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István Galgóczy (the grandson of Márton, who was the second oldest brother among the descendants of István and among the co-beneficiaries of the award granting armorial bearings given to him) was the son of János and Mária Megyesy, and moved from Borsod county to Transylvania.
He spent considerable time in Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures) and then lived in Magyar-Fráta (currently Frata). He proved his nobility in front of Kolos county in 1754 (according to a judgement delivered in the royal free borough of Medgyes). He received the proof of the Royal Court adressed to “Galgótzi Stephanus de Galgótz rectius de Marosvásárhely”.

His descendants – who moved to Nagy-Ajta in Háromszék county and Abucza in Hunyad county – received new proofs under Maria Theresa in 1773 and Joseph II in 1786, proving, beyond their personal nobility, their possession of estates as well.

In these documents the surname is ever spelt with “tz”, and besides the title of nobility „de Galgótz rectius de Maros-Vásárhely” the title „de Nagy-Ajta” also keeps showing up. This is the source of some family members, for example field marshal Antal Galgóczy and his brothers, consistently writing their surnames with “tz” even a century later.

The above documents shed light upon the following:
   István Galgóczy is likely to have lived long in Marosvásárhely before the royal fiscus
       “compelled” him to prove his nobility, as only a prolonged stay could have attached
       the title of nobility “rectius de Marus-Vásárhely” to the old title “Galgóczy de Galgócz”.

   However, his “rebellious” stubbornness, inherited from his ancestors, would now not
       do with proving his personal nobility, which could have been accomplished by
       certifying his descent from Márton. He instead proved his being a noble with an estate
       by presenting four “serfs of own acquisition”. 

   In 1760 he exchanged his estate of Magyar-Fráta (probably acquired through his

   An authentic copy of 1776 shows that the above process of proving nobility was in fact
       started by Josef Galgóczy, living in Nagy-Ajta at that time.

   This is the first document to include the title of nobility „of Nagy-Ajta” besides the title
       „of Marus-Vásárhely”.

   In a document of 1776 the name of „Anton Galgótzy de Kövesd” shows up (as a
       protonotary), who most likely belongs to the family, but his place in the family tree is
       not known. In this period families of Transylvania often used to take further titles of
       nobility characteristic of their own estates or of the estates of their parents. There are 
       three Kövesds in Transylvania, and Mezőkövesd is close to Marosvásárhely and

   According to a document of king Joseph II, dated on 19 June 1786, Stephen already
       lived in Hunyad county in 1774.


Information regarding persons and their descendants are available through the page “For family members” using the “Look for your family members” and “Full family tree” pages. We have information regarding several living persons who most probably belong to the Transylvanian branch of the family, but their exact place in the family tree is not yet known.

I appreciate any information from the readers regarding the Galgóczys of Transylvania, as well as contact with people who lived or still live there and have Galgóczy / Galgótzy / Galgóczi as their family name.

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