Márton Galgóczy was the second oldest brother among the descendants of István and among the co-beneficiaries of the award granting armorial bearings given to him. He lived in Miskolc and had estates in Sajó-Ecseg and Senye in Borsod county.

He spent much of his adult life in armed combat against the Turks. He was a warrior in the garrison of the Fülek castle under chief captain Ferenc Wesselényi and vice-captain László Iványi Fekete. Ferenc Salamon in his work „Hungary in the era of the Turkish conquest” (Magyarország a török hódítás korában) emphasises that in the period between 1630 and 1650 – especially in Borsod county and along the Sajó river – the destruction of many settlements was caused by double tributes, extracted by both the Hungarian and the Turkish party. The movement and actions of György Rákóczi I also particularly affected Borsod county and its surroundings.

The widow of his first-born son, István, put the estates of Sajó-vámos and Sajó-Pálfalva (in Borsod county) in pawn, so his great-grandson István moved to Tálya in Zemplén county upon his marriage where he had an estate on account of the Adorjányi (also called Horkay) line (the Archive of Borsod County, sub. G. 1747. Spec. Prot. XVII, fasc. XXV. nro. 1484. frusta 35.: legal action of István Galgóczy and his privies for redemption of pawn against Mária Natternanti, the widow of Ferencz Aszalai).

The family almost “came to an end” in Miskolc and in Borsod county by the end of the 19th century. At the end of the 1890s Károly Galgóczy had the following data recollected, regarding the Ecseg line: 
   The data of the descendants – István, József , Gábor, Lajos and Ferdinánd and their
       children – who drifted to Tálya
   And the information regarding Dániel, Imre, Károly and Gyula, as well as their
       descendants, who lived in Sárospatak.

Information regarding persons and their descendants are available through the page “For family members” using the “Look for your family members” and “Full family tree” pages.

Unfortunately no data have been found so far during research of other lines of the family that would have rendered it possible to identify any living person as belonging to the Ecseg line.

I appreciate any information from the readers regarding the Galgóczys of Miskolc, Tálya and Sárospatak, as well as contact with people still living there and having Galgóczy / Galgóczi as their family name.

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